Ann-E Girl Project

Leslie Ezelle — mother of four, breast cancer survivor, former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, HGTV Design Star contestant , and wife to Libby — is NOT your everyday modern woman.

The catchphrase for the 2,600-pound metal bra, You Cant Strap a Good Woman Down, (“ANN-E GIRL,”) also happens to be the perfect catchphrase for former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader, artist, Interior Designer Leslie Ezelle. The mother of four couldn’t be strapped down after she underwent radiation therapy for breast cancer. Following six painful surgeries, Ezelle shrugged off her hospital gown and confidently joined the set of HGTV’s Design Star in 2011 and the subsequent HGTV’s original show, Design Star ALL STARS.

In 2011, Ezelle was honored with the role of “Honorary Chairperson” for Susan G. Komen, having raised over $35k in less than four weeks time. “I really felt it was important that I do something positive for Susan G. Komen, since I have credited breast cancer as the reason I went for my dream of having my own design show,” says Ezelle. “Breast cancer forced me to ‘get busy living’ and go for it. So it is only fitting that I give back to an organization that has such a huge impact on saving the lives of thousands of women who have breast cancer.”

The Ann-E Girl Project

“When I conceived my vision of a, HUGE, metal sculpture, I reached out to the best of the best, when it comes to metal sculptures, Mr. George Tobolowsky,” explains Ezelle. “Luckily for me, George could see my vision as I sketched it out, and overnight began welding the bra out of reclaimed metal.” The design was inspired by the iconic Madonna 1950s-style bra. It was recreated with metal straps, and hangs from a metal tree branch, which symbolizes the “Tree of Life” and signifies withstanding the test of time.

With Leslie’s empowering message of hope and the goal of shedding light on the tremendous artistic movement in Dallas, Texas, nationally acclaimed sculptor, George Tobolowsky gave life to the concept, and Ann-E Girl was born. The name is a tribute to Pamela Anne Toudouze (family member), who lost a courageous nine-year battle against breast cancer. Together, George and Leslie created this larger than life metal sculpture, weighing over 2,600 pounds, which embodies the message, “YOU CAN’T STRAP A GOOD WOMAN DOWN.”

Ann-E Girl will go on to bring awareness to organizations across the country that support woman struggling to survive breast cancer and will continue to garner support for nonprofit organizations that empower women and girls.