Behind the Scenes of Design Star with Leslie Ezelle

Rated PG13: Parental Guidance Suggested Random thought: Last dance — last chance for looooove. Yes — it’s the last chance for rooooomance tooooniiiiight, oh I neeeeed you — by meeeee –besiiiiide meeee — to guide meeeeee — to hold meeeee — to scold me — cuz when I’m bad, I’m SO SO baaaaad — SO […]

And then there were three—without me

Random Thought Good news for all my non-blonde readers out there (like me), yet not to be confused by the band 4-Non Blondes—which happens to be a brilliant band that created my most very favorite karaoke song, “Was Up?”—but I digress, point being here, this week’s blog will be short.  Why, you ask? Because I […]

Please Vote Leslie Fan Fave!

IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING…GLOBAL CATHY IS AHEAD OF LESLIE IN THE FAN FAV POLLS FOR HGTV? We need your help! Please take just a few minutes and go to HGTV and vote for Leslie. You can do this up to 10 times per day. It only takes 60 seconds! Please vote for Leslie! She should […]

Dismissal & Release — The Crybaby Blog

Rated R-NO KIDS UNDER 18 SHOULD READ!  Why? Now Serving Bitter Party of One Random Thought Hope no one thought I was acting like I was “snooty” on my exit from Design Star, considering the version that viewers see at home is only a cut down version of what really happened! Truth was I was […]