Behind the Scenes of Design Star with Leslie Ezelle

Rated PG13: Parental Guidance Suggested

Random thought: Last dance — last chance for looooove. Yes — it’s the last chance for rooooomance tooooniiiiight, oh I neeeeed you — by meeeee –besiiiiide meeee — to guide meeeeee — to hold meeeee — to scold me — cuz when I’m bad, I’m SO SO baaaaad — SO LETS DANCE, THE LAST DANCE, LETS DANCE THE LAST DANCE — yadda yadda yadda — (love that song)

About those “Other people that were on that show FINALLY again with me”
Since it has been too long since the last dance of Design Star. And I have forgotten most of the folks that were on that show with me. Especially that Blanche girl — now, who was she and what did she do? Oh yeah,  she was the one who got to play with Mark and his wood for the very first time on national television. I don’t remember much of that part which wood (get it) have been more exciting than experiencing the ass whipping I received from Cathy. So I don’t know what to say about all that nonsense. As a matter of fact, I don’t know that I have much to say about anyone else, except that it was good to see my bud Tyler again. So, congrats to Meg. Way to go team Meg!!!

About those moments “on the cutting room floor” besides me
Hmmmmm. Well, I did help do those damn curtains in the sauna located in the upper, upper, upper West Side of Manhattan, otherwise known as Harlem. Oh, yeah, and I got to do a whole lot of rolling a paint brush, which I had previously cut from my memory bank due to severe HATRED of rolling a paint brush. But now I remember. And the answer is still YES, I HATE rolling a paint brush. Now painting on a canvas, that is a whole other story and definitely not part of Design Star. So, other parts on the cutting room floor — Karl in a rickshaw. Oh, no wait — they showed that part. That was what should have been on the cutting room floor but someone got confused and thought the director yelled out “LETS HAVE KARL IN A RICKSHAW,” when what he really said was, “We want a shot of Karl in a THICK SHAWL.” Easy to confuse, but clearly a mistake. Oh well, mistakes happen. Like that room I did for that kid that got my butt kicked off the show. Or the fact that HGTV chose to NOT turn a blind eye to that horrid room that I did for that kid in order to KEEP me on the show. That was a mistake that I am sure HGTV is still grappling with to this day. But what is done is done. I’m still here and ready — anybody wanna play?

About those design tits I mean TIPS
Did you know that it is only $97.00 installation fee for Home Depot to install carpet or flooring for your entire house!!??!! WTF — and I’ve been paying top dollar for a private contractor!! Only know this cuz, I am going through one HELL-UVA renovation project right now.

Also at Home Depot, check out the special order porcelain, United States Ceramic Tile, Avila indoor/outdoor tile for a shower wall. This look is something you would find in a designer showroom for $25.00 a sq.ft. at least and at home depot 12×24 tiles are $3.49 a sq.ft!!!! Why am I plugging Home Depot??? Well, its call champagne taste on a beer budget (and I would really love to do a commercial for them in exchange for a home renovation!) Can you relate — then tune into my new show for more design tits —  mean tips — oh, wait I don’t have a show yet — so stay tuned.

Watch my sausage clip –funny stuff, or least to me and 14 year old boys.

The Sausage Video

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