Design Star Season 6, Episode 1 with Leslie Ezelle

Watch this video to get David Bromstad’s reaction to episode 1 (and to get a better view of my work) and then read below to get my own reaction to the show!

About those “Other people that were on that show with me”

Well, that was a fun one! How bout that Cathy, Huh?? Nothing like being yelled at, criticized by, talked down to, and over all just TORTURED by a complete stranger!!! Funny thing is I picked her!  I thought she would be cool and a smart designer. So, when it was time to pick a partner I gravitated to her since she made me think of my best friend in the whole wide world, Kourtney. HAHAHAHA … NOTHING LIKE MY GIRL KOURT! Not only was she not a smart designer (the unfinished “sand box bench” that hurt to sit on) but she was just so damn mean to me.  Whatever… I have four kids, a spouse that is type triple A personality, survived breast cancer, … I can survive the wrath of Cathy. In the words of the ever famous Forest Gump “That’s all I have to say about that.”

About those moments “on the cutting room floor”

Loved loved loved when my new best friend Vern commented on my super fly coffee table! Too bad his quote about me having a  “ROCKSTAR moment” didn’t make it to the final cut!!! I mean come on, who doesn’t love being called a “Rockstar.”  Truth be told, being a ROCKSTAR is secretly what I REALLY want to be when I grow up, if only I could sing!!  However I can do a mean “Crimson and Clover”, but for now I guess just being a “Design Star” will have to do!    Also, I wanna send a shout out to my idol Candace Olson, who also gave me accolades about the big black tire table! What you didn’t hear her say is “how the amethyst wall color palette was a fantastic choice, as it did not conflict with the amazing view.” And the part where she said “I did not want to leave the space!” For a minute, after the judges had given out all the compliments of my art work, praise of my color palette, smart furniture choices (including the dining room table) and over all elegance of the room… I kinda thought I was gonna be the designer that “impressed them the most” but NO…not this time…big bummer.

About those design Tits…I mean TIPS

So first, when designing your own home be sure not to work with someone who will belittle you every step of the way. That’s not so much fun…and design should DEFINITELY  be fun! Trust yourself.  And feel free to ‘copy’ the works of others.  Just like Egon Schielle appropriated the works of Gustav Klimt – but in the end, Egon Schielle’s work is completely his own and uniquely different.  (So feel free to copy my easy art ideas)  The set of four white matted framed art work pieces were super easy, and in this case, helped tie the room together.


  1. Take a heavy weight sketching paper and apply torn strips of blue painters tape in a vertical pattern.
  2. Use flat black spray paint to cover the entire sheet.
  3. Let it dry, then remove the tape (which will leave an abstract tree-like pattern)
  4. Frame with an over-sized white matt and white frame.
  5. Voila! Now you have some customized artwork – that is best used on a wall with color. (i.e. that fabulous amethyst wall color of the penthouse!)

I like picking the color palette for the room first, including the wall color.  Consider your surroundings. For instance, with the penthouse living room, with all of its floor-to-ceiling windows – the color Amethyst made perfect sense, as it would play beautifully off of the amazing sunsets of NYC.

Oh and here is something else you can try…if you notice in the background, what looks like a tree, was actually just large branches – I quickly (and I mean VERY QUICKLY) put them inside a large metal container, then propped the branches up with the excess packing material that my partner Cathy left all over the living room floor!!! Kids…what are you going to do?

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