Design Star Season 6, Episode 2 with Leslie Ezelle

Watch this fun movie of me watching myself on TV … too funny and then read below to get my opinions of this week’s episode!

FIRST, what the heck is up with my oily skin in the interview room!!! You could fry an egg on my face…I gotta steal Cathy’s remark, “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD LESLIE!”…. MAKE-UP! POWDER! PLEASE

FIRST, what the heck is up with my oily skin in the interview room!!! You could fry an egg on my face…I gotta steal Cathy’s remark, “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD LESLIE!”…. MAKE-UP! POWDER! PLEASE!

About “Those other people on the show with me”White box challenge week 2… I was on my own and it was nice not to have anyone constantly yelling at me.  I felt like Tyler should have won the challenge, and the use of the water bottles to create the chair was very cool!  My little pocket pal Mark, (I call him that since I tower over him in my 3 inch Jimmy Choo’s) got the win with the military theme paying homage to his Grandfather.  Great move on his part and I think it is so important to show respect to our military.  I know when I did USO/DOD tours around the world as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader it was inspiring to meet all those brave young women and men who are out there fighting for our freedom!!!  What an AMAZING segment of my life, maybe I should have done something like that…BUT I felt like creating “graffiti wallpaper” was a better way to capture the edgy side of myself.  I guess metal bowls and wall murals makes a clear statement of who Mark is, and for that matter, broken plates define Cathy…whose to say…whose to say…

About “Those moments that landed on the cutting room floor”
I was disappointed that the words expressed in my graffiti wallpaper were not shown on TV. The judges actually said “really expressing who you are as a person is always a strong compelling choice” and I did just that!  Candace did mention in her blog on week 2 that my word art was genius, however she wishes I had done it on all three walls instead of just two.  She was right, but there was just not enough time and my hand was about to fall off finishing 2 walls at that speed. By the time I got to the last words I was writing on my walls “holy shit, I am never going to finish this!”   I thought my biggest coo was the pillow I made within the last seconds of the challenge. It was white, and then I splattered pink paint on it to pay my homage to Breast Cancer… Genevieve loved it… but again, too much film and not enough time…  As of right now it may appear as if I am the total STEREOTYPE OF TEXAS….which I am NOT!!  You know the blonde hair, the big diamond ring, the boobs, the high heels, being a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader….It is HILARIOUS TO ME…. Because that could not be further from the truth… why because I have a WIFE not a husband!! I have 4 kids in our blended family!  We struggled through a grueling two years of breast cancer for crying out loud…..and besides that, I curse like a drunkin’ sailor, not something I am proud of – but definitely makes me more like one of the guys…not just another housewife turned part-time ‘decorator’!!

Here is a sample of the word art I put on the wall just FYI…““BREAST CANCER SURVIVOR” and “GAY” and “MARRIED TO A WOMAN” and “MOTHER OF FOUR” and “DALLAS COWBOYS CHEERLEADER” and “A LOVER” and “A FIGHTER FOR LIFE.”  Like the old saying goes, “never judge a book by its cover.”

About “Those design Tits…. I mean Tips”
Tom liked my soup ladles as tea light holders…. It read nice in life but not so much impact on TV.  I do like the idea of using those industrial floor mats to create art work on the wall.  It is cost effective and simple to do.  Word art is fun and can be done in a smaller area. If you are afraid of doing it free hand there are many different stencils out there and it is a great opportunity to express who you are…or really, for kids to have fun expressing who they are.  Not many other tips to share this week… White box rooms that are non-functional do not translate to real life solutions…

Tune in next Monday July 25th when I team up with Kevin and Kellie for the next Design Star Challenge

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