Design Star Season 6, Episode 3 with Leslie Ezelle

First, I have to start with a random thought about Candace Olsen.    I LOVE HER !! I told her in person what a Rockstar she is to me and how much I loved her design choices, but I would like to take this time to reiterate just how great I think she is as a person.  GET HER DESIGN BOOK… she tells her story about her volleyball days and includes a picture of herself sporting a bad perm…EXACTLY like I had when I was that age!  She is quirky, hilarious, and brilliant…definitely worth the read.  The book is on the shelves at Lowes and Home Depot.  Great tits…I mean tips in her book!!!

About “Those other people that were on that show with me”
Well, I have absolutely no Cathy remarks this week except; did you hear the one about how Cathy likes to incorporate a global perspective in her design??? Love Kevin.  Love Kelli.  However, now looking back on how damned determined I was to NOT CRY over design….maybe I should have re-thunk that one! CRYING=AIRTIME…way to be strong, Les….no tears, no camera time!  But I have cried way too much over the past couple of years…SO, (note-to-self continues) WILL NOT CRY OVER DESIGN! Every time I see Mark and his grandfathers ball cap, I wish I would have brought my Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader POM-POMs for the interview room… maybe that would have made for good TV…and more air-time.

About“Those moments on the cutting room floor”
FIRST, let’s talk about what DID NOT end up on the cutting room floor… “MY WIFE and kids” comment!! WHABAM! There it is, bigger than life…the GAY card on HGTV.  Love you HGTV!!!  I want folks to know the real me and they did it!! Thank you to all of my HGTV family for putting me literally “OUT” there.  Up until this episode, one may have thought I was the typical housewife turned decorator/ Mommy of four/ former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader/ Breast Cancer survivor NOT ANYMORE!  I think it is pretty cool to be the first and ONLY gay female designer on this show in the six seasons it has aired.  Now, moving on…I definitely was delighted that they loved my artwork, but I also loved the fact that Vern loved my determination to make the space a place for grownups, not just kids.  And there’s some other stuff, but it does not do me any good to mention it, for fear of sounding like I have a bad case of sour grapes. “Next topic… I’ll take ‘About those design tits…I mean TIPS’ for $100.00 please”

About: “Those design Tits…I mean TIPS”

  1. For a basement with no windows, try choosing a brighter than normal color…In this case I went with bright chartreuse…to quote Kevin…“A pop of color!” 
  2. Also, just because it is a place where kids will be hanging out, don’t forget the adults of the house.  You do not have to dumb down a room – meaning, making everything geared towards kids. 
  3. Be sure to include things you like that are adult elements, like decorative pewter vases, and furniture that is durable but still sophisticated. 
  4. If you have a bar that needs to be redone, try using sheet metal to cover the front of the bar as I did in this basement challenge.
  5. The bar (which was actually a collaborative effort Kellie took the lead on) turned out very well, however what they did not focus on was the change made to the pillars.  The pillars that held the bar up were actually small round pillars; making them look more significant can really make a room.   I used wood to encase the round pillar, making them into much larger square pillars.  This gave the bar a much more substantial look, without a sizeable amount of work.  So look for these opportunities in your house…
  6. If you have old art work from your kids that is collecting dust, try ripping the edges of the work, then glue them to a canvas to make new personalized art work.  Get the kids involved in the process! They will love it and so will you.  And check out my website @, where you can find an interview of me discussing and demonstrating this concept further.

Until next week…. So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good night…

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