Design Star Season 6, Episode 5 with Leslie Ezelle

First I have to start with another random thought about Candace Olsen … still love her!

About those “Other people that were on that show with me”
So how much do I love me some Tyler …. I think they pick on him too much! I mean so what it the faux finish was not perfect on the fireplace mantel? The limp hammock was a far cry from perfect, but they loved that monstrosity and went gaga over it! I think just buying a hammock might have been a little easier and maybe more effective, but who am I to say. I also was not aware that “nautical” meant big colorful floral fabric either. Again, I am learning all kinds of new things. Like this week I learned that I have now moved on from “menopausal moments” to “Sears Moments”! Loved that part! So Dear Sears, if you need a role model who will put a pretty face and a whole lotta love on your Sears Kenmore Products (a little foreshadowing for next weeks kitchen challenge) I AM YOUR GAL!! Role model maybe a stretch…BUT I have been chosen by Susan G. Komen to be this years “Honorary Chairperson” for The Race for the Cure, so somebody likes my design tits…I  mean tips! Did I also mention that I am teamed with critically acclaimed artist, Mr. George Tobolowsky, to construct a HUGE 13ft high by 7 ft wide, metal strappy BRA with the catch phrase “You Can’t Strap a Good Woman Down!”? Check me out on welding on my website … I feel just like Flashdance … Jennifer Beals!

About those moments “on the cutting room floor”
This was not on the cutting room floor BUT how about ME on the bedroom floor rolling around like an idiot after I pushed the 600 pound tank of a sofa down the 3 flights of stairs!!! I will send you the bill HGTV for the knee damage and brain damage it took to figure out the logistics of getting that beast out the door!!  Thanks HGTV for not railing my 5 minute painting done in the rain!! That was kind. I will be sending the home owners the real version of that painting… pic to be posted soon.  This part did not end up on the cutting room floor either, but kinda floored me when my friend Vern said “Leslie you REALLY SURPRISED me this week”  …hmm how, why, and really? Come on Vern, is it that much of a shocker that I can design a room or is the creative factor that caught cha with your pants down?? Regardless, it was a huge positive, I think, so thank you for letting me surprise you!! Hope I can think of other ways to surprise you in the near future… like randomly showing up to your personal appearances you do around Texas!

 About those design Tits…I mean TIPS

  1. The best stuff ever is the KILZ super heavy duty primer that covers wall paper. It was like putting Elmer’s glue on the wall but it worked like a charm. It also worked great covering the back side of  that rug that should have been in the trash.
  2. To create art work like the ones over the bed, just seal with primer, tape off with painters tape and spray combo of silver and gold spray paint for design.
  3. Take rugs and have them framed with foot molding then take black bamboo and nail those around the side of the frame to give a more finished look.
  4. Also, try spraying metalic one of your favorite larger sea shells to use as a decorative items for a  room.


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