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Random Thought
Hope no one thought I was acting like I was “snooty” on my exit from Design Star, considering the version that viewers see at home is only a cut down version of what really happened! Truth was I was a little over the top! I was so sappy and hugging everyone that was involved in making the show! Truth be told, HGTV had no words left to use once I exited because the only words I said were “Is this the part where I beg?” Which by the way, begging is still NOT beneath me if need be! I am still in HOT pursuit of getting my own show! Any takers?

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About those “Other people that ARE on that show WITHOUT me”
Is it just me or does my fair skin Norwegian farm boy Karl (aka Stewart) love to put his hands on his face to cover it? Just saying – moving on.

It has been brought to my attention that perhaps crying on TV is a perfectly normal thing. I was so damned and determined NOT to cry, that now, as I sit at home on my couch watching Design Star (again without me on the show), that maybe I missed an opportunity to show a more sensitive side to myself. Oh, wait, considering how brutal I have been about the other characters that were on the show along with me, brings me to ponder if maybe I don’t really have a sensitive side?

Honestly, that could not be further from the truth! I am hypersensitive and have been told I wear my emotions on my sleeve. In reality though, I never have actually seen any emotions on my sleeve, but will continue to search for them. I do, however, love to use humor as a way of dealing with my real feelings and when under heavy circumstances. Call it my personal coping mechanism I guess! True confession-behind closed door, I do curl up in my closet and have a good cry. There was a point in my life where I would cry all the time! (breast cancer depression days). So here is my one and only NOD to “the other folks” on the show who had enough courage to show how they truly felt on national television! Tears do not necessarily equate to weakness, it’s just a natural occurrence of honesty. Anyway, enough of that–too much “sap”–makes me gag!

About those moments “on the cutting room floor” or ME on the cutting room floor
Just plain weird! I enlisted myself and was accepted to be on Design Boot Camp–I mean Design Star with my one and only objective–NO not to make friends with the other contestants; NO not to boost my work as a designer; NO not to fight with Cathy; NO not to play with Mark’s wood–TO GET MY OWN DESIGN SHOW! A huge bummer that I wasn’t able to accomplish that goal, amidst this CRAZY and wildly competitive design competition!  So hats off to the last four kids standing, for hanging in there and staying tough! And just so you know, when I was booted off the show (behind closed doors) yes I did cry over design (more like wailed like a baby)! I sat up all night in what I like to call the “holding tank for losers!” Why all the tears? Well, it occurred to me in those wee hours of the night that now that you don’t just get a show handed to you, you have to get out there, work hard, call in favors, and continue to scrap for your own show! The upside of this, well, hell, I can’t think of one just yet, but I am sure I will! I will not stop trying to find a way to get my own personal show. I know that once my non-existent show hits the air, again I will be able to say the famous words “Nothing in life comes easy!” and inspire my kids with inspirational quotes such as “Never give up on your dreams!”  So my show will air at some point, it will just take more elbow grease on my part. Whatever! I can handle it–bring it on! If I can survive the market crash of 2008, battling breast cancer for two years and the marital stress that comes along with both those. I can handle anything, so getting my own show shouldn’t be that difficult! Still a bit sad for HGTV, but maybe they will come around! As they say–“IT AINT OVER TILL THE FAT LADY SINGS.” My question is who is this fat lady and where does she live? Call me!

About those design tits–I mean TIPS
When curling your hair with a 1985 curling iron, be sure you are fully clothed! If not, you run the risk of having a hand spasm that could cause you to drop the curling directly on your bare breast. Believe me it HURTS LIKE HELL! It’s even worse than getting your “tit caught in a ringer” not that I would know anything about that, but I’m just saying!

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