Behind the Scenes of Design Star Season 6, Episode 7

Rated R … Parental Guidance Suggested

Random Thought: Who the hell am I gonna blame now for my short comings with my dear global friend Cathy gone….hmmmm….Oh well? ALSO, I am not sure what most losers from reality TV shows do the night they are booted from a show, but this one had a gigantore party with 75 of my favorite family and friends along with the press to watch me tank!  It was great! What the h-e-double hocks sticks was I supposed to do?  Sit on my couch and cry (like some other contestants who shall remain nameless) with my kids mourning the loss for HGTV.  The best part about the party was I got to introduce my HUGE METAL BRA SCULPTURE project for Susan G. Komen, for the Race For The Cure… AND show my kids how, no matter what, you still continue to pursue your dreams.  Just because HGTV’s door may have closed a bit, there are so many other doors that are swinging wide open!!

About those “Other people that were on that show with me”
Did anyone else besides me find it to be hysterically funny how Mark loves to talk about WOOD!! So here we have a straight man, 5 foot 7 tall, looks a little like Ricky Ricardo, and a self confessed LOVE of WOOD???  As Mark sheepishly grins and makes the statement “I love to work with wood” and then later explains to the viewers how us (the other contestants) “totally trust his expertise on wood.” I can not help but think about what exactly it is that he does with that wood and WHY?  I know my very openly gay friend Kevin, would most whole heartedly agree that maybe Mark does have a way with wood and I am quite sure he would be delighted to help Mark really explore his wood fetish in the shower if need be…. (Kevin… wink-wink, nudge-nudge…. I think you know what I am referring to!!) Learning just a few moments later into this episode on “wood,” that not only is Mark an “EXPERT WITH WOOD” but also that “it is always good when the wood has movement in it!” I mean these are real design tits…I mean tips, that are always good to have in your FRONT pocket!! These are things that as a gay gal for over 21 years, I had totally forgotten about! I still find these wood tips fascinating and will consider trying them someday. More to come on that and definitely on a different show!

Another hilarious moment is when Stewart (Mad TV) I mean Karl, does not want to be “too feminine” with finding a chandelier, however two seconds later he shouts out excitedly “that is really FABULOUS,” as he finds his one to be!

About those moments “on the cutting room floor”
Too bad that my comment right after they canned me did not make the air which was, “Is this the part where I beg?” Which then lead into this huge hug fest of where I gave the judges including John Gedding, Tenika Ray, and my cast members a big fat bear hug! I even offered to give the camera men and production cast hugs, but no takers there.  I guess we are not as close as I thought?

BUT thank God HGTV was extremely kind to me on the day they gave me the boot!! Thank you again HGTV! I really do so much appreciate how sweet you made me look, not sure if I really am that sweet, but was delighted you gave me that extra icing. Also on the cutting room floor is where Vern reams me for buying a lamp that could cause a 2 year old kid to loose a finger… my response was- “Ahhh having 10 digits is highly over rated… I mean lets give a kid a challenge in life, having 9 fingers is plenty!”

About those design tits..I mean TIPS

  1. When designing a 2 year old’s room, remember it is a 2 years old …not a room for a rockstar!  Therefore, make sure all items are kid friendly!  After all, as Vern said to me, you do not want the kid to lose a digit!
  2. EDIT…edit…edit.. This is my big philosophy but I some how did not apply this when I was in poor (crooked lettered) Kyan’s room.  If the room is too small, be sure to consider the size of the main furniture items used in the room and organize the “play items” that the child will use.  Create baskets that are set up for toys only and have them color-coded to train your youngster early on.  It will pay off when they hit the teen years!
  3. Take a candid snap shot of your child, and turn it into a black and white print on your home printer.  Be sure to zoom into the real subject matter of the shot. The end result is an interesting one and will showcase well when matted, framed, and hung in the room.

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