Leslie’s design Services

Specializing in high-rise interior design, Leslie Ezelle is one of the best interior designers in Dallas.


A top interior design firm in Dallas, Leslie Christine Designs is a full-service interior design boutique offering a wide range of services to meet the needs of residential and corporate clients. Owner and lead designer, Leslie Ezelle, is adept at creating beautiful and functional spaces that incorporate the elegance, sophistication and simplicity that defines her style. One of the best interior designers in Dallas, Leslie is a highly sought after interior designer for high-end, high-rise condos in Dallas as well as in vacation homes across the nation.

Residential Interior Design

Interior design transforms a house into a home. Well-designed homes comfort us, rejuvenate us and provide a space of true reprieve from the chaos of the outside world. Leslie works closely with clients to ensure their homes accurately reflect her clients’ unique sense of style while bringing a harmonious balance of form and function to their living spaces. View residential living spaces here.

Corporate Interior Design

Through the use of interior design elements and custom artwork, Leslie creatively transforms the corporate brand into an immersive expression that is experienced through strategic use of colors, fabrics, texture, lighting and design and décor elements. From the lobby to the corner office, Leslie ensures her clients’ corporate brands are well managed and artfully expressed. View corporate spaces here.

Exterior Design

Interior design starts outside. The exterior of a home or office sets the stage for what is to come. Through the use of elegant, sophisticated and simple architectural design and landscape elements, Leslie set the stage for what is to come, allowing her clients to feel as much “at home” both outside and inside their homes and offices. View outdoor living spaces here.

Holiday Decor

As one of the best interior designers in Dallas, residential and corporate clients alike seek out Leslie’s expertise to brighten their holiday seasons. Her professionally installed holiday dĂ©cor allows her residential and corporate clients the freedom to fully appreciate and participate in the beauty and joy of each holiday season.

Furniture Refinishing

Out with the old and in with the “new again.” Leslie has a unique talent for unearthing new and creative uses for interior design and/or décor items that have perhaps seen better days. Whether refinishing, refurnishing, recovering or repurposing, Leslie’s expert eye and creative mind can restore just about anything to its former glory or to an entirely new glory.

Commissioned Art

Leslie is not only one of the best interior designers in Dallas, she is also a sought after artist. Her passion for interior design was born out of her first love — painting. Many of Leslie’s interior design installations include original pieces created specifically for a client’s space; however, she is also available for commissioned art exclusive of an interior design project.

Home Staging

Professional home staging is a home selling tool used by homebuilders, real estate agents and homeowners seeking to maximize a home’s market value. This proven strategy generates quicker sales and higher profits. Leslie’s home staging design includes overall property staging — exterior and interior – and furniture arrangement. Leslie implements her “more is less” design philosophy to highlight the space’s architectural and interior design elements.